Here are some marketing KPIs to keep an eye on

These are the metrics to monitor to effectively analyze your digital marketing plan and improve traffic, leads, and revenue.

When it comes to marketing key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s simple to focus just on the traditional suspects:

  • Revenue from sales
  • The amount of qualified sales leads generated
  • Acquisition expense

These typical KPIs are good predictors of success. However, there are a few other marketing metrics. help your company lead a more effective digital marketing campaign.

The correct marketing KPIs assist you in determining which campaigns and methods have the most impact on whether you meet (or fail to meet) your sales and marketing objectives.

Marketing KPIs to track

Without data from the correct measures, it will be nearly impossible to grasp the whole picture – and your organization may make decisions based on insufficient information.

However, with so many marketing KPIs to track, it can be hard to know where to begin.

IMPACT has taught hundreds of organizations how to develop and analyze world-class marketing programs as a marketing training company, and we’ve included information that we educate our clients below. 

Here is our list of the ten most crucial marketing KPIs to monitor. These are the key performance indicators that provide the most accurate standards for your success and advancement. In this essay, we’ll go over:

Which marketing KPIs should you monitor?

Why should you keep track of them?

Methods for tracking these critical performance indicators

This way, you’ll know exactly which indicators to pay attention to to expand your firm.

  1. Attribution of Marketing Revenue

Why is it significant?

How much money have your digital marketing strategies generated for your business? To put it another way, how much of your sales can be traced back to your content marketing efforts?

Understanding this measure is critical since it allows you to determine the effectiveness of such initiatives. No business wants to spend money on something that will not yield a return on investment (ROI).

  1. Cost of Customer Acquisition 

Why is it significant?

The overall sales and marketing expense required to acquire a new customer is refer the customer acquisition cost (CAC). All program and marketing expenditures, personnel, commissions, technology, software, and any other overhead connected with a lead becoming a customer are included. 

  1. Client Lifetime Value 

Why is it significant?

Customer lifetime value is the amount of money a company can expect to earn throughout the average lifespan of a single customer. 

This is the most significant of all marketing KPIs. If you know your CAC, you know how much you invest in acquiring a one new customer.

 If you can increase income from existing customers, your cost per lead will fall and your marketing money will be able to be spent on higher-quality prospects.

  1. Return on Investment in Digital Marketing

Why is it significant?

  • Every business desires a return on its marketing investment.
  • Calculating your digital marketing ROI is critical for assessing your monthly and annual success. 
  • You don’t want to keep raising your marketing budget for an unsuccessful marketing activity causing you to lose your business money.

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